Trivver Data Reward FAQs
Is Trivver’s Data Rewards available in other countries?

At this time, we are offering our Rewards Program in the USA only but stay tuned for international expansion soon. 

Can I get more than two rewards card?

No. Even if you could, it would take much longer to accumulate your cash rewards.

Can I add outside funds to my Trivver Rewards Card?

Due to financial, regulatory and other reasons, adding outside funds to your Trivver Rewards Card is not possible at this time.

Can I receive cash from my Trivver Rewards Card?

No, accumulated earnings can only be redeemed for product and services only. 

Do you sell my data to others?

No, the only use for your data is for Trivver to deliver personalized, branded content that is most relevant to you.

How can I engage with additional Trivver Smart Ads to earn more money?

Look for Trivver ‘V’ icon on display ads, video ads, emails, social media sites, website, apps, etc.. The more ads you engage with that contain the Trivver V, the more you earn. 

How much money can I earn per engaging with a Smart Ad?

There’s no limits. Trivver’s system calculates the value of time spent with our Smart Ads and deposits those funds into your account. To ensure Smart Ad data remains pure and adheres to regulation, Trivver does not reveal our exact calculation algorithms.

Is there a limit on how much I can earn?

There are no limits, the more you engage with Trivver smart ads, the more you earn. 

My account was frozen: why?

Our system is deigned to alert us on any abuse and/or fraudulent activity. If this happens, Trivver will conduct an audit on the account. If we find any abuse and/or fraud we will terminate the account, refund any funds in the account to Trivver, delete all associated data and ban the account from Trivver’s Data Rewards Program. If after the audit is complete we find no abuse and/or fraud, the account will be turned back on and funds earned will be restored to the account.

Can I add my Product to Trivver’s Smart Ad Platform?

Yes. Please visit our parent site ( and register as an advertiser. If you have further questions, please email us at

How long has Trivver been around?

Trivver stated our ‘Smart Ad’ journey back in 2013. To date, we have over twenty US patents in the Smart Ad space and with over fifty additional patents pending.